Mar 212012

Many birds come to Bush Haven after striking / flying into windows.  If the window breaks you have a large payment or small insurance claim to replace the window – the bird generally doesn’t have terric injuries as the window takes the brunt of the impact.

However if the window does not break you will see an imprint of a bird’s body and wings and the bird will almost always receive severe bruising to its chest, at the very least.  If it hits more on its wings it can break a wing; it can hit so hard that it breaks ribs, punctures the crop or upper stomach area, suffer head injuries etc etc.

The birds can simply drop down, dead.  They can sometimes fly away and go to ground later, to be prey for cats and dogs if not found.

Birds hit windows because the light at certain times of the day shows them either a clear pathway through [reflecting sky] or a clear path into trees [reflecting bush or trees]. They generally won’t fly into a close area if they can see another bird already there.

I have given you suggestions of how to catch the bird, but to prevent window strikes, you can purchase a crystal transfer to affix to the window.  These cost $15 which includes postage in New Zealand and on the inside of the window, they look tasteful and will last for many years.  

The following photo is of an older ‘model’ transfer.  The present one is not so detailed so is therefore not quite as expensive.  It is inside an A4 size.

Bush Haven has these transfers for sale so contact us or send a cheque to May & Russell Evans, 49 Bryson Road, Otatara R D 9, Invercargill 9879.

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