Dec 212018

Russell and May at Bush Haven have had a pretty difficult year. Busy at the start with kaka chicks and other birds, the rehab birds keeping us pretty busy too. Then in April Russell had a broken femur which was treated with a large nail inserted and he began the rehab process himself, with May taking on more of the outside work. Over time Russell became sure the bone ends were not joined as he could feel them moving as he walked..still with one crutch most of the time.

In November he finally had a second operation with a larger nail being inserted and he is now getting used to walking around a bit more, still on one or two crutches, but can’t feel the bones moving so fingers crossed.  With May needing knee surgery some time and stairs everywhere we have come to a decision to leave Bush Haven and at present the future is a bit insecure for us, and for the birds.

If anyone out there sees this post and is keen to move south and purchase a really great property to look after injured native birds as a lifestyle change, please phone us at 03.2130530 in the first instance. There is an option of keeping our native and exotic parrot collection, or just working with the rehab side of things.

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