Dec 292016

The five chicks emerged from their nest log over the past few days and are spending time climbing, or just sitting beside the nest, or even going back into the nest sometimes.  We weighed them this morning and weights are a little down on previous clutches, but the parents have after all, reared five this time.  I hope Hannah and Casey take a rest now but they will do what they want.  The photo is of the five chicks a week ago, last time we managed to get them all together. While we do have colour bands on them, we are waiting for dna tests to be completed at Massey to be sure what sexes we have this year.

Five chicks on 15 December, 7-8 weeks

Five chicks on 22 December, 7-8 weeks

Dec 292016

Our thanks to ILT Foundation for a further grant this year.  We are most appreciative of your faith in us and will ensure we continue to care for the birds in our usual way.  We have been quite busy the last few months and more Kereru are benefiting from this funding.

Dec 292016

We now have tee shirts for sale, only a few sizes at present..medium and large child’s which should fit about a size 14 and 12, also sizes small and medium adult which are about the same width but longer..these should fit a taller size 12 or 14, or small and medium adult. Child shirts are $20 and Adult shirts are $25 each.  See pattern in the following photo, which is three of our schoolboy volunteers, who were very proud to show off their new shirts.


Daniel, Caleb and Brayden, three volunteers in their Bush Haven tee shirts

Dec 012016

Just a short update, the chicks are doing really well at 5-6 weeks, all putting on weight.  The photo shows them in a tub after weighing this morning.


Five chicks at 5-6 weeks, youngest in the back

Nov 192016

So far the five chicks are doing well and their weights are comparable with other seasons, although we were a bit worried about the little one being five days later hatching than the others.  However it appears to be doing okay at present.  Picture shows the five in bucket after weighing last Thursday. They age from 2 weeks 5 days,  to 3 weeks 2 days.

5 chicks in bucket

5 chicks in bucket

The smallest one is front left. My hand is there to show sizing.

Nov 062016

Hannah and Casey have really done it this time with five chicks hatched, between 25 and 30 November.  We will have to keep a close watch on the youngest one to ensure it is well fed with so much competition from the bigger chicks, but so far they are all doing well.

Kaka chicks

Kaka chicks in nest


Youngest chick at a week old

Oct 312016

Today is a red letter day.  Geoff Dembo, Techie Extraordinaire has been in my office on and off all day and installed a new computer in place of my old, outdated one!  Only drawback is, I opted to change the keyboard for a standard one as my ergonomic one has a few glitches, and now I have to learn to type more compactly.
Thankyou so much Geoff, hopefully I won’t make too many mistakes.

Geoff has certainly earned his name being included in our sponsors, as we all know computers usually cost heaps!

Apr 292016

Bush Haven would like to thank Precision Panel & Paint for their generous donation recently.  This will help feed our birds over the winter and especially the two juvenile kereru we have at present.

Apr 142016

On Tuesday, 5 April the two female kaka, Izzie and Mabel flew to Nelson courtesy of Air New Zealand with one female from Te Anau, Mighty Whitey. On arrival at Nelson they were transferred by helicopter to an aviary near where they will eventually be released into the Abel Tasman Park to live free.

On Wednesday, 6 April the two male kaka, Daithi and Mack were taken by car to Orokonui Ecosanctuary, and released into the holding aviary there.  Later in the week they were joined by four more males, from Dunedin Botanical Gardens and Te Anau, and when ready the staff will release all six young males together.

We are privileged to be able to assist the wild population of South Island Kaka and hope all our birds live safely to old age.

Apr 142016

In 2015, local builder Greg Barlow contributed his labour to re-roofing and rebuilding walls and doors in one row of aviaries at Bush Haven.  Greg enjoyed working here with the sound of the birds around and we certainly appreciate what you did for Bush Haven, Greg. Thankyou.