Jul 082017

Introducing three new Antipodes Island Parakeets – from Victoria Esplanade, Palmerston North. They arrived in late April to keep our lonely male company and are getting on really well together in the aviary. These birds are so special as they only live in the wild on the remote Antipodes Islands, so no-one would ever get to see them if not in captivity. ┬áThere are only a few parks and private holders with these special birds, which are from the Cyanoramphus family, as are the red and yellow crowned Kakariki which we also have in the aviaries at Bush Haven. ┬áThe ‘Antips’ are called ‘unicolour’ because they don’t have a red or yellow ‘crown’, but are mostly various shades of green from their brilliant emerald heads to the more olivey under belly. They are very like miniature keas in nature, inquisitive and cheeky.


Four Antipodes Island Parakeets

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