Oct 292019

Since the last post I made with kaka chick names up to 2016, in 2017-18 Hannah and Casey, our Kaka parents reared five chicks, three in the first clutch and two in the second, named as follows:

2017/18 – Manaaki – named by ILT Foundation, means ‘hospitality’

Tomas – named by Carol & Colin Evans

Phoenix – named by staff at G M Marketing

2018 – Maitland – named by Gloria Harris

Arolha – named by Sheirlaw family


This is our previous helper, Charlotte who has since moved to Hamilton, with Casey.

In 2019 they also reared three chicks, as follows:

Duke – named by our great friend and helper, Geoff Dembo

Elaine  – named by our friend and lawyer’s family, Rochelle Francis

Angel  – named by our daughter Lisa and family.

The last chicks were released at Bark Bay, Abel Tasman National Park on 8 October 2019.  They have transmitters on them and will hopefully remain well and healthy for a long time. The parent birds, Hannah and Casey are now at the Queenstown Bird Park, and they have produced 24 chicks for release to wild areas in Abel Tasman and Orokonui since 2014, the most prolific of all the paired captive birds.

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