On this page are photos of some of the injuries kereru have suffered.  Some of these birds have died or been euthanased as the injuries were so severe.  However some birds have been treated and later released.

This bird was found on the ground with massive feather loss to both wings and tail, and severe trauma to the left elbow.  It healed and has been successfully released after a few months in care.


This bird hit a window and went to ground.  It died a few hours later and on closer inspection was found to have a broken and protruding rib, shown here against a knife handle.  

This bird had scalped itself by continuously hitting its head – the photo on the left shows it cleaned up, before stitching.  The second photo  is the same bird with the head stitched.  It healed up well and the bird was later released.


This bird arrived with the badly infected eye which could have been treated if it was the only injury; however it had a major gash on the back of the neck which was too difficult to stitch so the bird was euthanased. 

This bird was hit by a car and had severe trauma and breaks to both wings and other parts of its body.  It was euthanased.

This bird , a young blue heron had a twisted and broken leg which had four pins inserted and an external fixator.