Initial Action after Kereru window strike


The first thing you should do if a kereru or tui hits a window of your home – if possible – is: if the bird lands on the ground and doesn’t IMMEDIATELY fly away, take a towel or similar object and gently walk up to the bird [not as if stalking, just calmly], drop the towel on top and pick up the bird. Place the bird in a box similar to a cardboard cat box, or A4 ream box, wine box etc and put it in a warm place. Do not try and give it food. DO NOT SIT IT UP HIGH TO SEE IF IT FLIES. IF IT DOES THIS MAY BE ITS LAST FLIGHT AS ONCE BRUISING SETS IN, IT WILL GO TO GROUND AND NOT GET UP AGAIN.

Kereru can be quite heavy but if you cover its whole body including the head it should be easy enough to pick up.  If you are picking up a tui beware of sharp claws and they are quite a bit harder to hold.

Phone us on 03.2130504 and bring the bird to us at 33 Oreti Road as soon as you can.

When a heavy bird such as a Kereru hits a window, they usually impact severely. Their crop can burst, which requires stitching by a vet as soon as possible, and even if no injuries are obvious, they will have a badly bruised chest and require warmth, rest and fluids for a few days before they start to recover.