Mar 192012

If you see or hear a small bird hitting a window it will either fall down dead or fly away and you will never find it.

If you see or hear a kereru or tui hitting a window, chances are it will either be stunned and go to ground somewhere close, or it will go to ground, dead.  Sometimes kereru manage to walk away under a bush, or fly away but they very seldom manage to stay flying for very long.

They are generally bruised, sometimes ‘just’ in the chest, sometimes in their crop or upper food chamber, which can actually burst and will need to be stitched by a vet.  Sometimes they break ribs – see gallery photo – and sometimes they receive head or wing injuries.

Immediate care is – take a light piece of material such as a tea towel and drop over the bird, pick it up and place it in a box such as a cat carrybox or similar size, lined with newspaper.   If you can’t get it straight away, check again before nightfall and you will have a good chance of picking it up in the near dark. Get the bird to Bush Haven as soon as possible. You do not need to phone Department of Conservation or SPCA first, so long as it is a kereru, tui, bellbird or kingfisher.

If you are unable to take the bird yourself and need to phone for pickup, place the bird in a warm, quiet place until pickup but DO NOT DELAY, birds seen within the first hour have a much greater chance of survival – just like humans.

It is not enough to give the bird a dish of water or some food and pop it into a corner somewhere – it needs professional care, sometimes fed by tube as a bird feeling sick or hurt will simply sit there, and not eat or drink if food is left for it.


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