Sep 162019

It is with much sadness that I have to inform everyone that Russell Evans passed away on 28 July after a short illness.  Russell had a really tough 15 months since April last year when his femur broke and it took two operations to start healing. However he still managed to work on the Otatara property and after a lengthy search for funders to continue the work there, we had to dismantle aviaries so some of them could be erected on other sites. Russell did the work of several men with help from a few dedicated people but all of this took its toll on his health and he ended up in hospital with a severe pneumonia which didn’t respond to any treatments and his system couldn’t cope with.


So we no longer have a Chairman of our Trust, and at our recent AGM, I [May] am now Chairperson, with several new trustees – Kathy Morrison & Douglas Black, Rochelle Francis. Penelope Gillette is now Secretary and Douglas Black Treasurer. Thankyou to Gloria Harris for her work as Treasurer in the past 10 years. Other trustees are Gavin Evans, Lisa Stuart [Veterinarian], Bruce Maher and Stuart McDougall. Gloria will still take care of owls and Kathy & Douglas will be running the Bush Haven hospital. Gretchen and Steven Ledington are busy getting the release aviaries built on their property.

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