Apr 112015

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Fonterra staff have performed a wonderful job, completing the kaka aviary extension in early June. We have now planted several pots with foliage ready to enhance the area for the birds, though we don’t expect they will last very long!

We also need to plant some containers with grass seed and put some sand in other containers, to give the birds some other substrates to play in. Some other issues still need to be sorted before the male bird comes from Te Anau and goes with our female, into the aviary, so WATCH THIS SPACE!

Feb 082015

After a phonecall recently a U K visitor, Quentin Black arrived at our property to see the South Island Kaka chicks specifically, and the parrot collection of both exotic and NZ native birds.’

He had been in the country on business, and learned of us through visiting Lindsay Hazley, Tuatara Curator at the Southland Museum, who is incidentally, our Charitable Trust Patron.

Quentin asked for our bank account number and a few days later put a substantial amount of money into it.

THANKYOU Quentin, your donation is most helpful and we really appreciate it.


Jan 102014

Bush Haven wish to give a big THANKYOU to M G MARKETING in Invercargill for their generous donations of bananas every few weeks.  These are part of our pigeon [kereru]  staple diet and we use three to four every day making up the food of the birds in rehab. We freeze the bananas and just take out what we need every day. It is really great!

Nov 102013

Once again, the ILT Foundation have granted us $1,000 to continue our work with injured birds. Already this season we are on number 15 of our native kereru and we know there are some we haven’t been able to pick up, also several died before receiving treatment as they were obviously seriously injured, and several have been euthanased.

Our vets, Vetco at Kennington remain dedicated to helping us and we make regular trips there for specialised treatment of the birds. Thanks again folks, we couldn’t do it without your help, although we can still do with a lot more funding!

Jun 262013

Once again, the Department has given us a grant of $1,500 which will be really helpful in funding the rehabilitation of our important native birds, namely Kereru, Tui and Bellbird, which are becoming more prolific in the Otatara Bush for us to enjoy, not of course forgetting that the kereru is THE most important bird in regenerating forest growth throughout the country.

Jun 262013

Once again, the Community Trust of Southland has provided us with a grant, this time of $500 to assist with costs for bird rehabilitation at Bush Haven.  We appreciate your help, CTS without which it would be difficult for us to operate.