Feb 162017

A big thankyou to Edith Jones and Bruce and Barbara Maher for their continuing sponsorship of Bush Haven.  It is thanks to private people being so generous as well as corporate funders, that we can continue our work with the birds.  Bruce and Barbara named one of our Kaka last year, ‘Betty’ after a family member, and Edith will be naming one of the five this year.

Feb 162017

Recently we had a visit from several members of the Waikiwi Lions Club at Invercargill.  The group was small but their genorosity was large.  A big thankyou from Bush Haven to this group.  It was a pleasure to have you here.

Dec 292016

Our thanks to ILT Foundation for a further grant this year.  We are most appreciative of your faith in us and will ensure we continue to care for the birds in our usual way.  We have been quite busy the last few months and more Kereru are benefiting from this funding.

Oct 312016

Today is a red letter day.  Geoff Dembo, Techie Extraordinaire has been in my office on and off all day and installed a new computer in place of my old, outdated one!  Only drawback is, I opted to change the keyboard for a standard one as my ergonomic one has a few glitches, and now I have to learn to type more compactly.
Thankyou so much Geoff, hopefully I won’t make too many mistakes.

Geoff has certainly earned his name being included in our sponsors, as we all know computers usually cost heaps!

Apr 292016

Bush Haven would like to thank Precision Panel & Paint for their generous donation recently.  This will help feed our birds over the winter and especially the two juvenile kereru we have at present.

Apr 142016

In 2015, local builder Greg Barlow contributed his labour to re-roofing and rebuilding walls and doors in one row of aviaries at Bush Haven.  Greg enjoyed working here with the sound of the birds around and we certainly appreciate what you did for Bush Haven, Greg. Thankyou.

Apr 142016

For several years now, the Southland Community Trust have sponsored part of our operational costs. Last year, 2015, they also paid for the majority of an upgrade of one row of aviaries, both re-roofing and fitting new walls and doors.  Thankyou SCT.

Mar 272016

I have just realised that I did not acknowledge the sponsorship of Invercargill City Council in September 2015.  Thankyou ICC, we cannot carry on our work at Bush Haven without sponsors such as you!

Jul 132015

On our return from holiday recently, we were very surprised by a letter from a lawyer with a cheque for a large sum of money donated to Bush Haven. Along with our usual grants, this will see Bush Haven thrive for several years in the future and is so much appreciated we can hardly find words to say anything except THANKYOU SO MUCH.   

Our benefactor wishes to remain anonymous and will be coming to visit us when the weather is a bit warmer to see Bush Haven personally.