Nov 222012

Since mid September we have had several birds in care, some of them died within hours of arrival but we are still looking after six, the latest of which arrived late last night with a burst crop.   Most of these birds hit windows, although one was found in a paddock outside town so although it may still have hit a window, it also may have hit a tree or power line.

The bird with damaged crop was operated on this morning by our faithful vet, Dr Lisa Stuart and we are giving it IV fluids through a set up catheter in its leg every half hour.  By this evening it should be okay to give fluids through a feeding tube, along with antiobiotics.

Everything is a learning curve. The bird is very feisty, so it really wants to live. Unfortunately there could be a chick without a mum but maybe the dad will continue to feed it. 

I will add a photo later.  The crop was packed full of leaf bites of varying sizes, which were meticulously picked out by Lisa prior to cleaning and stitching the wound.  As well as those picked out, several more leaves had fallen out in the box the bird was brought to us in last night, so the crop would have been really full with rough food, which is probably the reason it burst so readily.

As May had a dental appointment today we had to call on the assistance of Dr Lisa Myers who was at home and able to come and help with a couple of IV doses.

We’re hoping some of the birds in cages in the laundry/hospital start eating and moving along to the next phase to create a bit more room for the ongoing care of the now three birds in carry-boxes – where they remain for the first week of care.

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