Mar 212012

Up until January 2012 Bubs has always nested on neighbouring properties but at the end of January a nest was found on our property.  Russell photographed the nest with its one egg – not a very substantial nest but still ‘at home’.


 Bubs hung around the tree and we saw her sitting close by with her mate on the nest. 

Sadly a few days later we found the egg broken, a few feathers on the ground and Bubs didn’t come for food that day.  We feared the worst – a possum or rat had got her, crushed and eaten the egg and injured Bubs.

We were devasted, as we have our property pretty well protected from predators, but they are very devious.

A day or so later Bubs appeared again with a couple of feathers missing but otherwise as good as gold.  She didn’t tell us what had happened.

Good news follows – we haven’t found it but we believe she is now nesting somewhere else on our property as she doesn’t seem to fly across the road any more and for that we are thankful as we held our collective breath many times as she flew down low when we could hear cars on the road.

Like with our children, we always said ‘watch for cars’ when she flew off but she’s a wild bird after all!  What does she understand?

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