Feb 132013

Remember we reported that last winter how Bubs brought her chick to the door for food every day?  Well we have watched that chick grow and mature and it [he?] has now flown off to make his own territory somewhere else.

Remember when we published a photo of rehabilitated bird ‘Lucy’, released at the end of April 2012? – Well – we now believe Lucy should have been named ‘Lennie’ as he is now flying around and feeding Bubs, and with her every day.  In fact we have seen them almost mating!

We now think that Bubs’ mate must have died last year and she has taken Lennie as her new mate.  This is really great as we can now observe them both regularly; however it is quite a commitment to always have food for them.  They do eat from nature as well and enjoying the wineberry around just now.

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