Jul 082017

Today we were thrilled to receive a cheque from Precision Panels, who supported us last year as well.  It was really great to get this from the local firm. We also acknowledge Marty Burwood who spares us a donation regularly from his pension. As we at Bush Haven are also on a pension we really appreciate this.

We also supplement our income by selling tee shirts, mugs and bookmarks.

Jul 082017

Introducing three new Antipodes Island Parakeets – from Victoria Esplanade, Palmerston North. They arrived in late April to keep our lonely male company and are getting on really well together in the aviary. These birds are so special as they only live in the wild on the remote Antipodes Islands, so no-one would ever get to see them if not in captivity.  There are only a few parks and private holders with these special birds, which are from the Cyanoramphus family, as are the red and yellow crowned Kakariki which we also have in the aviaries at Bush Haven.  The ‘Antips’ are called ‘unicolour’ because they don’t have a red or yellow ‘crown’, but are mostly various shades of green from their brilliant emerald heads to the more olivey under belly. They are very like miniature keas in nature, inquisitive and cheeky.


Four Antipodes Island Parakeets

Mar 212017

Our five Kaka chicks have now been named, by people who have helped us in various ways.

Following is a list of all the birds bred at Bush Haven since 2014:

The parents, of course come first – though not bred here – Hannah [after Hannah McLeod of Southland Times] and Casey [after the Casein Dept at Fonterra, Edendale who built the extended aviary for us]

First chick, 2014 – Rusty, a male after Russell Evans, Bush Haven founder, which went to Orokonui

2015 – Davy – after volunteer David Simpson- to Orokonui

Ollie – after May Evans, Bush Haven founder  [Olwen May], although a male bird – To Orokonui

Kathy – after volunteer & trustee, Kathy Morrison – to Abel Tasman Park

Mack – named by a special lady who wishes to be anonymous – to Orokonui

Dai-Thi – named by auction, by Kevin McKeown – is Irish for Nimbleness – to Orokonui

Mabel – named by auction, after a special lady at Papatowai, by Pene Gillette and locals – to Abel                Tasman Park. Unfortunately Mabel was later predated and died

Izzie – named by auction, by Tim Riding after his wee girl – to Abel Tasman Park

2016 – Kala – named by’Ink’, a special young Taiwanese man who volunteered with us – to Orokonui

Brayden – named by Daniel Cocker for his friend Brayden, both boys volunteer – to Orokonui

Betty – named by trustee & sponsor, Bruce Maher after his mother in law – to Orokonui

(2)        Iluka – after a special wee boy, named by supporters, Chris & Brian Rance – to Orokonui

Pollyanna – named by local supporters, Ann & John Fogarty – to Abel Tasman Park

Ellie – named by supporter, Edith Jones after her late Springer Spaniel – to Abel Tasman Park

Lani – named by Wayne Robertson after his daughter who comes to help – to Abel Tasman Park

Holly – named by and for Holly McKenzie, our latest volunteer who lives nearby – to Abel Tasman

There is also Lisa who went to Orokonui after our daughter and vet Lisa Stuart pinned her broken leg when she was hit by a car on Stewart Island in 2014. We decided it was better she remain somewhere that observations could occasionally be carried out on her rather than return to Stewart Island.








Feb 162017

Yesterday our five South Island Kaka chicks were moved from their parents’ aviary into their own temporary aviary where they will live for the next couple of months, before moving on to their release sites.  The four females will go to Project Janszoon at Abel Tasman National Park and the male will go to Orokonui Eco-sanctuary near Dunedin, where they will all eventually be released to fly free.

The photo shows the five birds settling in on the high perch last evening.  No doubt they will not be sitting together very much in the future as they investigate all the other perches and feeding areas in their aviary.  5 Kaka chicks

Feb 162017

A big thankyou to Edith Jones and Bruce and Barbara Maher for their continuing sponsorship of Bush Haven.  It is thanks to private people being so generous as well as corporate funders, that we can continue our work with the birds.  Bruce and Barbara named one of our Kaka last year, ‘Betty’ after a family member, and Edith will be naming one of the five this year.

Feb 162017

Recently we had a visit from several members of the Waikiwi Lions Club at Invercargill.  The group was small but their genorosity was large.  A big thankyou from Bush Haven to this group.  It was a pleasure to have you here.

Jan 292017

The first photo shows Kathy helping weigh one of the latest Kaka chicks.  Not the best photo of Kathy, but the best I have at present. These photos were taken at the end of December when the colour bands were put on the chicks for identification. They were also weighed as usual and considering there are five, weights are pretty good compared with other clutches.

Kathy Morrison with kaka chick

Kathy Morrison with kaka chick

Russell with banded chick and dad Casey on shoulder

Russell with banded chick and dad Casey on shoulder

It is now several weeks since they all emerged from the nest and the chicks are doing well. Personalities starting to show and occasionally one will land on a helper or visitor.  We now have confirmed by dna tests, that there are four females and one male this time. Helpers, friends and sponsors will be naming these chicks in due course.

Dec 292016

We have been so lucky this past year with volunteer helpers, several secondary schoolboys on Saturdays and Sundays, plus two wonderful ladies who come Wednesday and Thursdays..sometimes both when helping weigh Kaka chicks.  As well as that, they do feeding out and aviary cleaning, seed winnowing and moving logs in and out of the Kaka aviaries, to name just a few of the jobs they help with.  Photos show two of them.


Holly, our latest weekday helper


Ink, our Taiwanese Sunday helper, now away


Daniel, Caleb and Brayden

Our thanks to all of you, we have really enjoyed having you here for your own sakes, as well as the work you do. Sadly we will not have Ink here again on Sundays, but hopefully the rest of you will still consider helping at Bush Haven an important part of your lives in the future. We wish Ink all the best for his future studies in Tasmania.

Dec 292016

The five chicks emerged from their nest log over the past few days and are spending time climbing, or just sitting beside the nest, or even going back into the nest sometimes.  We weighed them this morning and weights are a little down on previous clutches, but the parents have after all, reared five this time.  I hope Hannah and Casey take a rest now but they will do what they want.  The photo is of the five chicks a week ago, last time we managed to get them all together. While we do have colour bands on them, we are waiting for dna tests to be completed at Massey to be sure what sexes we have this year.

Five chicks on 15 December, 7-8 weeks

Five chicks on 22 December, 7-8 weeks

Dec 292016

Our thanks to ILT Foundation for a further grant this year.  We are most appreciative of your faith in us and will ensure we continue to care for the birds in our usual way.  We have been quite busy the last few months and more Kereru are benefiting from this funding.