Jan 242013

On Tuesday, January 22nd 2013 three kereru were released from Bush Haven, after successful rehabilitation from injuries.  One, bearing black jess number 4 on its right leg, was brought to us in late October, by Emma Marshall and children, who were pleased to view its release.  The bird had suffered beak and neck injuries and healed well.

Another bird, now bearing black jess number 5 on its left leg, was picked up at a house in Robert Street in November after hitting a window.  It suffered the usual chest bruising.

The third kereru, bearing black jess number 7 on its right leg, was brought to us by Tracey Langmuir and had split its crop after hitting a window – the crop had to be stitched up by the vet and it healed successfully with a lot of new feathers.  The bird had been gorging on lacebark and the full crop probably protected its chest from internal damage.

Thanks to local people for caring enough to bring the birds to Bush Haven.  We have several other birds in care, some still to be released in a few weeks’ time.

If you encounter a kereru on the ground and it isn’t able to move much, or if one hits your window and lands on the ground immediately afterwards, it needs to be brought to us as soon as possible – don’t wait for the next day, it may be dead!

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