Apr 122019

The hospital of Bush Haven has moved to a new site at 33 Oreti Road, the home of Kathy Morrison and Douglas Black, where they will care for our precious injured native birds such as kereru, tui, bellbird, kingfishers and falcons. The phone number remains the same, 03.2130530 and you press ‘1’ for injured birds and will get Kathy’s cellphone.

The release site is at a different address, 106 Ariki Avenue, the home of Gretchen and Steven Ledington, and the aviary is still to be constructed there.

The Bush Haven Native Bird Rehabilitation Trust will continue to financially support both venues, and we hope to continue caring for the important native birds of Southland for some time into the future. Remember we are not equipped for seabirds Рif you get one please contact DoC 0800-362-468.

Thankyou to all our supporters over the years Рyou know who you are.  We will still call on some of you to keep our trust up and running in the future.