Mar 212017

Our five Kaka chicks have now been named, by people who have helped us in various ways.

Following is a list of all the birds bred at Bush Haven since 2014:

The parents, of course come first – though not bred here – Hannah [after Hannah McLeod of Southland Times] and Casey [after the Casein Dept at Fonterra, Edendale who built the extended aviary for us]

First chick, 2014 – Rusty, a male after Russell Evans, Bush Haven founder, which went to Orokonui

2015 – Davy – after volunteer David Simpson- to Orokonui

Ollie – after May Evans, Bush Haven founder  [Olwen May], although a male bird – To Orokonui

Kathy – after volunteer & trustee, Kathy Morrison – to Abel Tasman Park

Mack – named by a special lady who wishes to be anonymous – to Orokonui

Dai-Thi – named by auction, by Kevin McKeown – is Irish for Nimbleness – to Orokonui

Mabel – named by auction, after a special lady at Papatowai, by Pene Gillette and locals – to Abel                Tasman Park. Unfortunately Mabel was later predated and died

Izzie – named by auction, by Tim Riding after his wee girl – to Abel Tasman Park

2016 – Kala – named by’Ink’, a special young Taiwanese man who volunteered with us – to Orokonui

Brayden – named by Daniel Cocker for his friend Brayden, both boys volunteer – to Orokonui

Betty – named by trustee & sponsor, Bruce Maher after his mother in law – to Orokonui

(2)        Iluka – after a special wee boy, named by supporters, Chris & Brian Rance – to Orokonui

Pollyanna – named by local supporters, Ann & John Fogarty – to Abel Tasman Park

Ellie – named by supporter, Edith Jones after her late Springer Spaniel – to Abel Tasman Park

Lani – named by Wayne Robertson after his daughter who comes to help – to Abel Tasman Park

Holly – named by and for Holly McKenzie, our latest volunteer who lives nearby – to Abel Tasman

There is also Lisa who went to Orokonui after our daughter and vet Lisa Stuart pinned her broken leg when she was hit by a car on Stewart Island in 2014. We decided it was better she remain somewhere that observations could occasionally be carried out on her rather than return to Stewart Island.