Nov 192016

So far the five chicks are doing well and their weights are comparable with other seasons, although we were a bit worried about the little one being five days later hatching than the others.  However it appears to be doing okay at present.  Picture shows the five in bucket after weighing last Thursday. They age from 2 weeks 5 days,  to 3 weeks 2 days.

5 chicks in bucket

5 chicks in bucket

The smallest one is front left. My hand is there to show sizing.

Nov 062016

Hannah and Casey have really done it this time with five chicks hatched, between 25 and 30 November.  We will have to keep a close watch on the youngest one to ensure it is well fed with so much competition from the bigger chicks, but so far they are all doing well.

Kaka chicks

Kaka chicks in nest


Youngest chick at a week old