Mar 272016

I have just realised that I did not acknowledge the sponsorship of Invercargill City Council in September 2015.  Thankyou ICC, we cannot carry on our work at Bush Haven without sponsors such as you!

Mar 252016

The auctions on TradeMe to name three of the four South Island Kaka chicks at Bush Haven, which are now nearly six months old, raised $710 for the Trust. This will mostly be used to provide food etc for the parents and the next clutch of chicks, which are now two months old, having just fledged recently.  There are three birds in this clutch, we think one male and two females, but their dna has not been checked yet.

The following photos show the four birds with their colour bands on, prior to being permanently banded.  The two females will be going to the Abel Tasman Park on 5th April, along with two females reared in Te Anau, and the males will go to the Orokonui Ecosanctuary soon afterwards, where they will get their permanent bands.

The first photo shows red, aka ‘Mack’ who was named by a friend who wishes to remain anonymous. It is a great example of how parrots hold food with their claws while eating.


Next is blue, aka ‘Daithi’ pronounced Dah-hee, which is Irish for nimbleness, as chosen by Kevin McKeown..thankyou Kevin


Next is yellow, aka ‘Izzie’, named after his wee daughter by Tim Riding…thanks Tim.


Last, but not least, is green, aka ‘Mabel’ named by Penelope Gillette and others from Papatowai..thankyou everyone.

Green band

And after many shots taken, I finally managed to get one of all four together which I can identify them all in and is reasonable quality. I am very happy with this as it shows their colours well.