Nov 102013

Once again, the ILT Foundation have granted us $1,000 to continue our work with injured birds. Already this season we are on number 15 of our native kereru and we know there are some we haven’t been able to pick up, also several died before receiving treatment as they were obviously seriously injured, and several have been euthanased.

Our vets, Vetco at Kennington remain dedicated to helping us and we make regular trips there for specialised treatment of the birds. Thanks again folks, we couldn’t do it without your help, although we can still do with a lot more funding!

Nov 102013

Hi everyone

There is a petition on to sign for a ban on private fireworks purchases, etc from next year.  There are already over 18,000 signatures and you could add yours!

Every year fireworks cause untold loss of chicks both in aviaries and in the wild, also eggs when parent birds are frightened off their nests, and even injuries as birds fly frightened, in the dark, with bright, flashing lights accompanied by terrible noises.

We don’t need them near the bush particularly because of the threat of fires as well as to the birdlife. It is ironic that many people in bush areas such as Otatara feed tuis on their properties and still set off fireworks on the same property!

Guy Fawkes is yet another British custom we have taken for many years and while I like many others enjoy the spectacle of sparkling colours, this is best seen in large public displays, well away from animals and birds.

Not only birds, but most animals, domestic or farmed, are scared to a varying extent by fireworks, and we believe it is about time someone stood up for our furry and feathered friends.  Even though purchase dates have been limited we still have several nights, not just one, of the noise and sight of these in the night sky, just when the birds have settled on their nests for the night.

Please take the time to check out the website and sign the petition.