Apr 282012

In February, Chris Maginn, International Officer, Africa for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, spent a night with us.  He took a great photo of Russell with one of our female kaka, and a very interesting one was taken of him getting a ‘clean-out’. Thanks to Chris for forwarding the photos and I thought I’d share them, also one of Chris with Bubs.

Apr 252012

On Sunday, 22nd April 2012 a single kereru was released from Bush Haven.  It flew into a nearby tree and Bubs came and sat on a branch nearby.  We don’t think it is one of her babies, but she has not chased it away and the two have been seen several days later, fly in the trees as if playing ‘tag’.

They have also both come for food and eaten from a dish – previously a Bubs-only happening.  A friend from Australia was staying and the two birds fed side by side on separate dishes on the first day after release.

Apr 242012

Research in two North Island forests show what conservationists have long been concerned about – see Nik Hurring on Facebook  for the story, or www.stuff.co.nz/environment/4839962/Forests-dying-as-kereru-numbers-fall

See how important it is for all to be aware of the kereru’s place in our environment.

Apr 152012

On Saturday, 14th April we released three kereru.  One was also released on 22nd March and the other three would have been released earlier but Russell had some health problems himself and we weren’t able to observe the birds sufficiently at that stage.

The three released this time flew off well into the trees and were obviously happy to be out of the aviary.  We left it open overnight but none of them were seen around the next morning, which is a good sign.

These birds, along with others released between April 2011 and now, all have a red ‘jess’ on one leg, which covers a numbered metal band for identification.  The red denotes their year of release for our records should any of them come to further harm, or just be seen and if this happens it would be good to have their sighting reported to us.

We didn’t photograph any of the birds this time as they were released within a few minutes of each other, but singly, not in a group.

Apr 152012

Bush Haven recently hosted two school groups who viewed the birds and enjoyed their visit. The first was Otatara School, where rooms 9 and 12 and two teachers, plus the bus driver were shown over the property by May and given lots of educational tips by Russell.

The second group comprised several parents plus teachers from Tuturau School and they were shown around once again by May with Russell showing them the care routine inside the house.

We hope to have some photos later on – especially of some of the lucky people who were able to go into the Kaka aviary.